80% of UPS failures are battery related.

Circuitworks’ full range OEM+ sealed lead-acid UPS replacement batteries enables you to preempt this unnecessary crisis. We supply all batteries required for any Eaton single or three phase UPS unit. We also offer valve regulated batteries for telecom and other industry specific applications.

UPS battery systems support data centers, computer rooms, bank and financial systems, network operations centers, internet hosting sites, industrial processing and control, and medical/emergency applications. C&D manufactures Flooded (wet cell) and Valve Regulated (VRLA) batteries that meet a wide range of UPS ratings and various installation requirements, and supplies complete systems including racks, spill containment and safety equipment solutions that meet the most rigorous specifications.

Also take note of the new generation of lithium-ion battery backup which is now available for UPS applications. There are a number of benefits offered by lithium-ion batteries: for small users like edge data centers and network rooms, built-in lithium means a significantly smaller and lighter UPS, with longer battery service life vs. conventional batteries–up to ten years for lithium ion, as compared to five years for conventional lead acid. For hyperscale, colos, and large enterprise users, lithium-ion provides the same size and weight reductions and the longer cycle life. Whatever your needs are, we can meet them and can ship your order to any U.S. location.