Often power management solutions are ‘on the shelf’ awaiting routine application. However, many situations require multi-component systems to address a plurality of power management factors that no single product can meet. A further difficulty is knowing ‘what’s out there’ to meet these challenges. That’s where we can assist. We are a resource with options and alternatives that become realities through design and fabrication. To learn what solutions are available for you, click ‘Contact’ above, call 612-724-7235, or email

Network Closet Solutions

Circuitworks offers a broad portfolio of Eaton enclosure and rack solutions perfect for small space environments. Premium cable management solutions de-clutter cables to ensure that your closet is organized and your footprint is being used effectively. Eaton racks and enclosures keep servers, switches and storage equipment safe and secure. For more information and/or a quote, click ‘Contact’ above, call 612-724-7235, or email

Plug ‘n Play Offsite Assembly

We invite you to view our video that provides a glimpse of the range of innovative custom power management solutions on offer. The final product is then readied to be shipped across town, or the globe. For more information and/or a quote, click ‘Contact’ above, call 612-724-7235, or email

Extended Warranty Programs: What’s Best?

Best for UPSs below 5 kVA and ePDUs

Depot Exchange Plans are an extension of the existing warranty and can be purchased at the time of the initial product sale or aftermarket. These are best for those in “plug and play” environments that want extended coverage and are comfortable replacing the UPS or easily installed parts in the event of a failure. This coverage does not include onsite service, but does provide full coverage of your product and advanced replacement with free expedited shipping–next business day! These plans are purchased as extensions that increase the coverage to either three or five years.

Best for UPSs 5 kVA and above including all hardwired UPSs

Onsite Service Plans offer full warranty coverage with the addition of support from an Eaton service professional. A trained technician will come to the customer’s location to fix any covered issue, making for a quick and easy recovery. These plans can be purchased as either next-day or eight-hour response levels. Onsite service is best for environments that require a higher level of UPS knowledge and, for this reason, is the only warranty plan that can be attached to hardwired equipment. At the time of initial product purchase, the customer can upgrade his factory two-year warranty to an onsite service plan and choose to extend that coverage up to five years. Aftermarket, the customer can choose to purchase or extend his onsite service to a total of five years.

Preventative Maintenance (PM) may be added to onsite service plans to help identify issues before they cause downtime. During a PM site visit, an Eaton technician will update firmware, perform battery check (batteries that test below 80% are replaced), service other parts as needed, and provide the customer a report on the status of their equipment. PMs may be performed quarterly, semi-annually or annually.  For more information and/or a quote, click ‘Contact’ above, call 612-724-7235, or email

Same Day Shipping

Most of the items we offer, from ePDU to three-phase UPS units, ship locally. If an order is submitted prior to 11AM, it can often be shipped same day. That goes for batteries as well, except those that move less frequently. We don’t buy too far ahead on batteries so as to be able to offer fresh batteries with recent manufacturer date codes. So contact us early, and we’ll let you know whether there is any significant lead time–and have them arrive at your site as needed.

UPSgrade Program

Whether you’re new to Eaton or a longtime customer, anyone in the market for an upgrade will benefit from our UPSgrade program. You don’t currently have an Eaton product? No problem–we accept our competitor’s units as well, because we’re sure you’ll particularly notice the difference by choosing Eaton. The UPSgrade program is designed to offer you affordable access to the industry’s latest technology solutions at discount prices, the program even provides free and environmentally sound disposal of your outgrown equipment. For more information and/or a quote, click ‘Contact’ above, call 612-724-7235, or email

Reference Materials/Guides

Here’s an offering of information rich resources to assist in acquainting you with the key facets of Power Management. Beginning with ‘UPS Fundamentals’ these publications provide a wide scope of various aspects involved in critical power management–and will likely answer a majority of your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us to address those remaining.  To do so, click ‘Contact’ above, call 612-724-7235, or email

• UPS Fundamentals (PDF)
• Power Distribution Guide (PDF)
• Large Battery Handbook (PDF)
• Cable Management (PDF)

Furniture for Technology

Occasionally, a data center customer constructs a new site, or expands present operations utilizing current space. The focus is, of course (and rightly so), on power management and critical power backup design and systems. However, build-outs often require furniture consistent with a technological environment. To meet this need, Eaton offers a complete line of fully thought out tech furniture products. Whether a 911 call center, technology lab, military installation, or a mobile workstation on casters, we are able to custom design and construct a solution to your exact requirements. Click on the link to get an idea of the possibilities on offer. For more information and/or a quote, click ‘Contact’ above, call 612-724-7235, or email

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